6 Easy Beginner scooter tricks

Many perform various tricks with their scooter. Some are so extraordinary that they leave people amazed and stunned. For a beginner, scooter tricks may seem like impossible feats that can only be mastered by the pros and the pros only. However, the thing is, even the pros had to start somewhere. There are a few easy tricks that can be performed by both the beginners and the pros with ease.


Bunny hop-popular among the beginner scooter tricks:

This trick here is the easiest of them all. Many consider this to be the first step in mastering the more complicated and difficult maneuvers. To perform this trick, you need to lift the handlebar of the scooter up. Keep in mind that the bars must be at the same level. Then practice standing next to the bike and jumping high. Once you have mastered both of this two actions, combine them both while you are mounted on the vehicle. In other words, you need jump with both of your foot and at the same time lift the handlebars in the air. To absorb the impact while landing, slightly bend the knees and you should be OK.


Hippy jump is easy:

Another easy yet confidence building beginner scooter trick ts the Hippy Jump. Almost everyone can do it. To perform this one, you need just to jump off the deck. However, the wheels have to touch the ground. There are other variations of the Hippy Jump like turning or doing and Airwalk and even a Rodeo with one hand on the bars.



Many regard X-Up as a step up from the bunny hop. This trick looks more complicated and is difficult to perform. For X-Up, the scooter needs to gain some speed at first. After the gaining of enough speed, you need to do a bunny hop. In case of bunny hop, both sides of the handlebar remain at the same level. However, in this instance, you need to twist the right side of the bar forward and then flip it to the other side. The left hand on the bar also get twisted, and your arms cross over forming an ‘X’ hence the naming.



It is a wheelie that is performed on a scooter. You just lean back causing the front of the vehicle to go up and the back deals with the balance. Just keep running the scooter on your back as long as you can, and the trick is done.
Another variation of this trick is the Nose manual or Endo where instead of the back, the task of maintaining balance falls on the front of the scooter.


This trick may cause some difficulty to the beginners, but still it is considered as the easier ones. To do a Pogo, you need to hold down the breaks and hop on the back wheel.



Grind is very easy and simple if you follow the proper steps. It is also very easy to screw up as only a slight mistake can throw off the whole thing. Grind is a variation of bunny hop with some rail action thrown in. All you need to do is do a bunny hop and then turn the deck ninety degrees. Finally, land on the rail and grind as long as you can. Then do another bunny hop and get down on the street.

Most people like to scooter tricks, and many like to perform them. It is better to take the thing slowly and practice the beginner scooter tricks at first and then move on to the harder ones.

There are also great tricks with Self Balancing Scooter too.

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