What to Look Out For Best Kick Scooter for Commuting?

hqdefaultCities nowadays are swarming with kick scooters, and why not? Kick scooters are fun rides good for commuting over short distances. They are stylish, moderately fast, comfortable and not very pricey. But what should one look out for when trying to buy the best kick scooter for commuting? Just choosing one randomly from the shop window won’t get the job done.

Safety and Weight:


A single product will never have all the best attributes, just because it simply in not possible. Safety is a critical factor. But the safest scooter is not necessary the best choice. The advantage of a kick scooter is that you can commute faster without the hassle of a bike. Kick scooters could be carried around while traveling; however, a very high safety product might be too heavy. On the other hand, a too light scooter won’t be sturdy enough – thus unsafe. You have to weigh in the personal preferences carefully.


The ideal height of the handlebar depends on you, i.e., how tall you are. Typically kick scooters come with handlebars 42-44 inches long – adequate for the average person. Of course, if you are way over six feet tall then a longer handlebar would suit you better and similarly a short person might opt for a smaller one. Still, longer handlebars are in general safer. However make sure not to choose something of too absurd size.



The best kick scooter for commuting must be comfortable. Having suspension on your kick scooter would help you absorbs the shock from road bumps and jerks. The right suspension is vital for a comfortable ride.



Arguably the most important factor, the wheels are what drives you around. Make sure to choose the size, sturdiness and stability of the wheels appropriately. Smaller wheels might be good for stunts but for commuting bigger wheeled scooters is almost always a better choice. Not only do they move faster but they are also safer. Small wheels may get stuck in cracks and topple the rider over the handlebar.
Wheels’ sturdiness is measured in the number of ‘A’s. Meaning higher the As, tougher the tires. Again which one is best for you depends mostly on your preference and body weight. A Higher number of As make a stronger wheel, but it would also reduce the maneuverability. A 75A wheel would ride more smoothly than a 100A one, but it would also wear out faster. Choose the As depending on your weight and how frequently you want to do maintenance. Recommended choice for the average person is 85A.
The wheelbase maintains the stability of the scooter. A larger wheelbase is more stable but also heavier. Something between 25 to 29 inches should be a good optimization between weight and stability.

The Deck:

It is the part you stand on and therefore it has to bear a lot of stress. The best kick scooter must have a sturdy deck. Aluminum decks are the best, and some plywood decks are also quite good and flexible. Make sure that the scooter you choose has a deck big enough for you to stand on comfortably.
Tad bits – Hand-brake & Kickstand:
These two are auxiliary elements but come on; we are talking about the best kick scooter for commuting, so why not?

Service warranty:

Most kick scooters have one, so make sure yours also does.

Last but not least, don’t get ripped off by the vendor!

Sales personnel are specially trained to bargain the highest possible price from you. If you ask vendors to give you the best kick scooter they would probably suggest one from fancy and overpriced brands. Don’t get fooled by them! The price range of the very best kick scooters is reasonable. So if some product costs too much, don’t buy it unless it is gold plated!

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