Can You Drive a Scooter on the Highway? Well…

Scooters are a fun way to move around. Since its introduction, the scooter has taken up the role of the choice vehicle for commuting and transport. There are various reasons behind it, all of which requires a different article to explain. Suffice to say; people want to use scooters. But, can you drive a scooter on the highway? Well, the answer to that question is not so simple. It depends on many issues, like the state where you live and the power of the engine.

How can you drive a scooter on the highway?


Reminder: Some scooters are street legal and some are not.

Whenever you decide to take a stroll on the road, you will see a variety of models. Nowadays, it is hard to find a scooter that has an engine below the 50cc mark. From there on, there are 150cc ones, 250cc ones and much more. From a 50cc model, you can squeeze out 40 MPH max. But on a highway, anything less than 60-70 MPH becomes inappropriate.
So, YES. You can drive a scooter on the highway, just not the low powered ones.

Which one can you ride?


Like I said, a scooter can be street legal, or it can be illegal to use on the streets. It depends on the state. Some consider the motorized scooters or the 50cc ones as illegal. In some states, you can ride one in the street.

However, the larger ones, those with engines of 150cc or more are perfectly legal to use in every state of every country. But again, the issue of speed arises. Ordinarily, the top speed of a 150cc one is somewhere around 60-65 MPH, which is technically OK. But practically, leaves the rider wanting.

There is another important factor:

Along with the size of the engines, another factor plays a significant role in this matter. That is the factor of fuel. Most gas powered scooters are not fast enough, PERIOD.

The question of legality comes later. Because, if you are not comfortable riding your scooter on the freeway, does legality of the act matter? I hope not.

So which scooter to use on a highway:

PRACTICALITY, that what decides which one to use.


Simple, let us review the scooter that barely qualifies to be used on a highway, a scooter with 150 cc engine.


A. In order to keep up with the highway traffic, the vehicle has to run on full-throttle. In other words highest RPM is a must.

B. The engines of these vehicles cool down using air, not water. So high RPM means they will burn out quickly.

C. They are much lighter than bikes, and so the risk is greater.

So, although technically a 150 cc engine can run on the highway, it is best to do that occasionally. The best choice of scooter that can easily take on the highway traffic is a scooter with an engine of at least 300 cc.

In most cases, Highway traffic rules state that only motor bikes are allowed to run on them. 50 cc engines are not classified as a motor bike. A 150 cc one is. However, to make the scooter last and to ride smoothly on the highway, a more powerful one will be a better choice.

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