3 Reasons Why Electric Scooters for Kids Are More Than Just Toys

Children are heavily influenced by their environment. It’s important to make sure that this environment is properly enriched with items and activities that help teach them useful skills and foster their independence.

This doesn’t mean you should trap your children in a library or bore them to death with educational videos. Instead, you can balance fun and enrichment by supplying them with things they’ll enjoy that also teach helpful lessons. Electric scooters are a great example of this: they provide an excuse to get your child active outdoors, they help teach navigation and independence, and best of all, they reduce your transportation burden by carrying your kid to close local destinations.

3. Electric Scooters Transport Kids

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Being a parent involves a lot of driving. Until your kids are old enough to drive themselves, you get the privilege of acting as their chauffeur for any and all activities. Visiting a friend’s house almost always involves you driving one or both ways. Even a simple excursion to the neighborhood park can require you to pick up your keys and drive.

Don’t get us wrong. Electric scooters aren’t cars. Getting a scooter for your kid won’t get rid of this transportation burden entirely. What it will do is help get your child to local destinations that are too far to walk comfortably but still relatively close. Depending on where you live, a lot of the places you drive your child to might be within one or two miles. If your kid has a scooter, they can transport themselves.

Even if you can’t think of too many destinations now, your child will find plenty of activities close to your house that they can participate in. They’ll find new friends, visit every business within their radius, and have a wonderful time doing it without requiring your time or attention. You’ll be able to work, relax, or even nap in peace!

Finally, there are some activities that your child may not be able to participate in due to your schedule. Having a best scooter for kids won’t let them visit their friend in a different state, but they might be able to take themselves to a class, club, or sports program while you’re busy elsewhere. This can let your kid take music lessons, play a sport, or even get tutoring while you’re at work, which might otherwise be impossible.

2. Electric Scooters Teach Independence And Navigation

electric scooter for kids

Children are fated to leave the roost eventually. While you don’t necessarily want your young ones to grow up instantly, gradually giving them independence in measured doses is a great idea.

When your child is out exploring on their scooter, even if it’s just around the block, they’ll be on their own. This provides a perfect, safe opportunity for them to practice decision-making on their own. You’ll be a phone call away should your kid need you — and they probably will need you a lot, at first. Over time, however, they’ll become less reliant and they’ll be able to guide themselves and make choices for themselves.

Will your child get lost? Possibly. Learning how to navigate is a valuable skill on its own, however, and a kid with an electric scooter will have plenty of chances to practice. They’ll learn how to read maps, how to interpret street signs, and they’ll develop a process for finding their way back home if they get lost. Again, they can call you if anything happens, and they probably won’t get too lost with the latest map app in their pocket. Having a scooter will provide them with a unique chance to learn how to use it.

Will it be fun? Yes. Lots. Freedom is quite enjoyable, and your child will enjoy having the opportunity to make choices for themselves. Riding around on their scooter, they’ll have total authority over their own choices. In most environments your child is in, they’re directly accountable to a parent or teacher. On their scooter, they only answer to themselves.

When it comes time for your child to learn to drive, they’ll have plenty experiences to draw from. They’ll know how to use maps, how to plan their schedule to get home on time, and they’ll be familiar with local roads and businesses. This will go a long way towards their confidence and independence in their teenage years.

1. Electric Scooters Get Kids Outside

These days, there are lots of screens for kids to stare at. You don’t want your kids to be technologically illiterate in today’s world. At the same time, however, it’s important to maintain some amount of balance. Even software engineers need to stay in shape and get plenty of vitamin D.

Riding an electric scooter might not be as much exercise as riding a bicycle, but it still teaches balance and provides a gateway to other activities. Having an electric scooter provides a great excuse for your child to get outside and mix up their activities. While electric scooters don’t provide a lot of cardio on their own, they can help transport your kid to ball games or local parks where they’ll get plenty of exercise. When your child is comfortable playing outside, they’re much more likely to be physically active. On their scooter, they’ll build coordination and balance while learning the navigation and independence skills we talked about earlier.

Even if they’re just going outside to ride around on their scooter, your child is still outside. They’ll get fresh air and a small break from electronic devices. By having lots of varied activities, they’ll be happier in their development as a healthy child.

Electric Scooters Aren’t Just Toys

By alleviating part of your transportation burden, getting your kid outside, and providing them an opportunity to be independent, best electric scooter for kids provide valuable enrichment in your child’s life. They’re not just toys. They’re teaching tools that help your child be healthy, active and independent. As they grow older, they’ll appreciate the life lessons they learned on their scooter, and their familiarity with local roads and navigation systems will help them as they learn to drive. Best of all, they’ll give you more time to yourself to catch up on work, do chores, or relax on your own while your child learns to be independent.

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