How to Tailwhip a Scooter – for Noobs

Scooters use to be toys for kids but day by day they are growing more popular among teens and even adults. And why won’t they? Scooters are cheap, easy to ride, comfortable and moderately fast. They can also be used to pull cool stunts. Tricks like hang fives, scooter fakies and most popularly, the tailwhip can all be put into combos to spice up a ride.

So let’s learn how to tailwhip a scooter, shall we?


A scooter doesn’t only take you from A to B; it takes you from A to B in a fun and stylish way. All you need to do is to learn a few little trick moves, and the journey won’t be mundane anymore.

What is a tailwhip?

In the sport of freestyle scootering, tailwhip is an increasingly popular stunt. It looks stylish and is a relatively safe maneuver to pull off. What does it look like? Tailwhip is the name given to a 360 degree spin of the scooter’s deck in midair.

What to practice, how to practice?

Like every other stunt, training is essential in learning how to tailwhip a scooter. Tailwhip is done mostly with arm movements, with a little involvement of the foot. You need to sync the timing well enough to execute the maneuver. Practicing individual steps at a time is a good idea. Once you are well versed in all the movements, you can merge them to complete the whole process.

Breaking it down:


So the whole tailwhipping process could be divided into roughly seven steps.

Step one – the jump:

Popularly known as the bunny hop, standing on your scooter, you should jump as high as you can. The more high you get, the more time you have to complete the move. While landing, you have to feel the balance on the wheels. Master doing this smoothly to perform a proper tailwhip.

Step two – the kick:

Once you have mastered the jump, move on to the next phase. Now you have to kick the deck of your scooter with the toe of your back foot to move the scooter around (counterclockwise). You must practice this step thoroughly as the timing is crucial.

how_to_practice_tailwhipStep three – making the rotation:

This is the biggest step. Use your arms to muscle the handlebars in a circle.

Step four – positioning:

You must keep your deck in position, i.e. when the rotation is complete you have to place it directly underneath you.

Step five – the catch:

Once the deck comes around; extend out your back foot to receive it. Practice until you can do it in your sleep.

Step six – bring the deck back: Once you use your foot to catch the board, you have to take it back underneath to stand on it. At first, it might seem a little tricky, but practice makes perfect.

Step seven – the roll: When you get your balance back on the deck the tailwhip is complete, and you can then smoothly roll away on your scooter.

Safety comes first:

This article is for new riders who want to learn tailwhipping with a scooter. So basically, if you have been scootering for a while and already know how to tailwhip, it’s not for you. However, it doesn’t matter who you are and how long you have been riding, safety always comes first. It would not be wise to turn a fun ride into a tragic accident, would it? So make sure to wear the proper riding gear including a helmet when you go tailwhipping.

Keep in mind that if you just grab a scooter and try a tailwhip with it, you would most likely hurt yourself. Make sure to master the individual steps and combine them smoothly to pull a proper risk-free stunt. Happy scootering!

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