How to Unfold A Razor Scooter: Step By Step Guide

Razor scooters have quickly transformed into a crowd favorite. They are a fun way to get around. Moreover, there is a razor scooter that can satisfy almost everyone. So the reason behind their popularity is very easy to understand. However when it comes to such vehicles, the question that most people ask is how to unfold a razor scooter?


Why answering how to unfold a razor scooter is easy?

The company that designed these modern kids scooter is Razor USA. The ‘Razor Kick Scooter’ was the first in its line, and they were available on the market by 2000 A.D. The reason behind their slick and easy to use design is the ‘pro’ team that help and test them. That is why the answer to how to unfold a razor scooter is actually pretty simple.

Three Most Important things to check first:

The unfolding of a razor scooter does not require any specialized tool like wrenches or Allen key although they usually come with the package. However, the actual act of unfolding or opening the scooter, the user needs to check a few things. The three most important things are – tire pressure, the fitting, and the braking system.


Safety First:

The Razor scooter is similar to all other types of mechanical equipment; the joints require extra attention. As like the body of the vehicle itself, the joints are made of steel metals. There is always a risk of injury if your fingers get jammed between them. So, you need to be careful

The Quick release lever is important:

Towards the foot-slide, there is a T-tube. At the lower aspect of this tube, there is a quick release lever. The user needs to keep the foot on the foot slide and then push the handle upwards. The quick release lever must not be disturbed during this whole process. When the handle gets engaged properly in it’s designated slot, there will be a locking sound. This sound will indicate that the entire procedure was a success. If you cannot hear the locking sound, then either you were not successful or there is a problem with the locking pin.


Another way of unfolding the Scooter:

There is another way of unfolding the scooter. You can hold the T-tube of the scooter in one hand and then push the footrest downwards. At the same time, you need to pull the release lever upwards. However, this procedure requires a bit of experience, so unless you are an expert, it is best to avoid this procedure.


Razor scooters with different unfolding mechanism:

Few scooters can unfold in a different manner. They have grip throttle to help the proceeding. By twisting the throttle on either side, it can be opened. Then you would have to lower or in some instances, raise the handlebar with either a quick release button or a push button depending on the model. The central button adjoining the handle and the foot slide does the actual folding or unfolding.


Razor scooters are a fun way of traveling. Although at first they were built for the children, as of today there are four models of kick scooters available in the market. The popularity of the Brand is on the rise and should continue for some time to come.

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