Motorcycle VS Scooter – An Urban Comparison

Scooters and motorcycles are both means of two-wheeled transportation. In the present urban society, where the demand for comfortable and economical transportation is rapidly increasing, the need for both speed and versatility is on the rise. But which one to choose? Should you buy a scooter or a motorcycle? So naturally, a comparison between this two varieties is what you need.

The factor of speed in Motorcycle VS Scooter:

Motorcycles_VS_ScooterCan a scooter meet your demands? Yes, it can!

How fast is a scooter? In a free road, a scooter can run at circa 35 to 60 miles per hour depending on the model. If there is an uphill slope, then the speed may even fall to the 25MPH, which most people would say is not very fast. However, in the urban environments, redundancy of public transport usually makes it impossible for anything to run at speeds higher than 30MPH. Given the circumstances in most city environments, a scooter’s top speed is more than sufficient.

With much faster acceleration and considerably heavier built, motorcycles certainly outclass scooters in the speed department. Motorcycle’s bigger wheels grant better stability during high-speed driving, and its larger fuel tank requires less frequent refills, making it ideal for highway transportation. In urban commutes, however, these benefits could not be harnessed to the maximum potential owing to speed restrictions and traffic jam. Of course, the key to making a choice is determining exactly why you need the vehicle.


The Pros of a scooter:

First of all, scooters are considerably cheaper than motorcycles. They also boast a better gas mileage. Scooters are typically designed from 50CC to 150CC while most motorbikes have a heavier build.

Scooters are easier to drive, and there is a scooter for everyone, even for the beginner. The lighter frame of a scooter makes it more convenient to maneuver. On the other hand, the smaller wheels help the vehicle to turn faster; furthermore, its design does not have the complicated procedures of clutch operating or gear shifting. Not surprisingly, you will only need a basic driver’s license in most states to ride a scooter where a motorcycle may require further permissions.


Scooters are more comfortable than motorcycles. Not only because it is easier to drive but also if you are willing to carry stuff around. A scooter has more under-seat space than a motorbike. A rack or a top box could also be fitted pretty easily if the need arise.

Now The Cons:

The engine of a scooter is not as powerful as a motorcycle, resulting in a slower acceleration. If you want to have a passenger on the back seat of your scooter, gaining speed might take time, especially if the road has an uphill gradient. But for personal use in a crowded area, they are perhaps the most practical, economical and comfortable choice.


Bottom line:

When it comes to the question highway, in a scooter vs bike argument, the bike always wins. It would be more stable at high speeds over any scooter, and the larger tank would reduce the need for frequent refueling. However, in an urban environment, where speeding to such limits is restricted, a scooter would give you considerable advantages.

A scooter is more of a utility based vehicle. Obviously, there is the speed drawback. However when you are considering tedious transportation through streets filled with heavy traffic, how much speed do you need? A scooter might be a little slower; it might not look as ‘cool’ or sound as ‘fun’, but it would surely serve your needs better. Even 50CC scooter with a top speed of circa 40MPH is more than sufficient in most urban cities. In fact, busy commercial or residential areas seldom allow anything at speeds faster than 20/30MPH. Keep in mind that two-wheelers driven at high speeds in an urban area could be quite risky.

Overall speaking, if you live in a city or urban suburbs and are thinking about getting yourself two-wheeler, then a scooter is perhaps the ideal choice for you.

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