6 Popular Scooter Safety Gear

Why use protective scooter gears?

No matter what kind of automobile you drive, the question of safety always comes first. So much so that even scooter safety gear is paramount, although scooters’ are relatively slow paced. Scooter safety gear or scooter protective gear for riders can decrease the number of accidents as well as the severity of the injury many folds. By simply wearing a helmet can prevent approximately thirty-seven percent of death by crash alone.

1. Helmet is the number one scooter safety gear:

scooter_HelmetRemember the egg shaped thingy above your neck? That is the most important part of your body, and that is what usually gets crushed in an accident. So protecting the head equals to shoving death away. There are various sizes of a helmet in the market. The choice of such a gear usually has to aspects. Is the helmet durable and reliable? And the other question is it comfortable? A helmet should not be too big, neither it should be too small.

2. Second comes Proper eye protection:

Proper_eye_protectionRoads are tricky. There are a lot of loose sand and rocks lying around. During driving, they tend to fly out of nowhere and sting the eyes. It can cause accidents and also severe eye damage. Fortunately, most of the helmets have face shield made using shatterproof glass. Also, some goggles can offer protection to your eyes, if your helmet does not.

3. Then comes the Jacket:

 Scooter_jacketThe introduction of a jacket in this list may amaze you. However, as any biker will testify, often when you accidentally hit the pavement, a jacket can prevent you from multiple lacerations. Jackets should be made from durable materials like corduroy, leather or nylon. There are many jacket manufacturers who insert armor in their product to give extra protection.

4. Do not forget Pants:

Pants can provide protection for the lower body. It is advised to wear pants made with thick materials like leather that will also keep the lower body warm during the colder weather.

5. Gloves are essential too:

Gloves_are_essential_tooIt is of paramount important to keep a firm control of the vehicle’s handlebars. Sweat, rain, dirt and many other unforeseen factors usually loosen the grip. That is why gloves are so valuable as a safety measure. Add the fact that they make you look cool and suddenly gloves become the most important part of your whole attire.

6. Finally, the Boots:

Scooter_BootsOften, accidents happen simply because the rider slips. Riding a scooter is easy, but it takes the whole body to do it efficiently. Sturdy leather boots that cover the ankle and some part of the lower leg with rubber soles and good tread design is the basic criteria that you should look in a pair.

Riding a scooter is fun and all, but accidents do happen. No matter how careful you are and how attentively you drive, there is always a small chance of an accident. The best way to prepare yourself from any serious harm is to take protective measures. These actions do not require much effort or much money but can be a life saver.

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