Six Reasons Why Scooters Are Better Than Skateboards

Why_Scooters_Are_Better_Than_SkateboardsScooters are considered as a secret method of commuting in the western hemisphere. However, what some people do not know is that they are also a popular method of transport in other countries as well. They are fun to use and easy to maneuver. Their biggest competition is the skateboards. The first model of skateboards hit the market on 1920’s. Skateboards have become very popular especially among the young generation. But why scooters are better than skateboards? Well, here are the reasons.

Why scooters are better than skateboards-Safety:


The design of skateboards remains as they were at the time of conception. At first, there were two-wheeled, then came the three wheeled ones and currently we have the modern design. Nowadays, skateboards are made of a piece of wood with four wheels on it. There is no handlebar, and the vehicle is foot-propelled. There is no way to maneuver the vehicle as the user pleases. This inability can be a significant problem. Because then, the users of skateboards do not have the opportunity to come to a sudden stop. So, if there ever arises any need to do so, the rider faces trouble.

There are many designs and models of scooters:


Scooters come in many designs and models. Whereas skateboards are foot-propeller, there are electric scooters, scooters that run on gasoline as well as foot-propelled scooters. Commuting using skateboards over a long distance is virtually impossible as well as time-consuming, not to mention the energy the rider needs to spend. With scooters, the story is a different one. Scooters can save a lot of time and energy that skateboards can not.

Easy to use:

Scooters are much easier to use than skateboards. Even performing various tricks on scooters are easier. They do not require good balance, unique attires, and much experience. The primary target for kick scooters are kids, so it stands to reason that they are perhaps the safest of them all.

No need of special attire:

The design of the skateboard does not permit brakes. So the rider has to depend on his shoes for sudden stops. As a result, the soles of the shoes gets easily destroyed. Not every shoe can withstand this ordeal, so special shoes are a must.


Another trouble with skateboards is the parking. They are more like apparatus than a vehicle. Some see their mobility as a positive sign. However in the case of social gatherings and when you have to spend some time after arriving at your destination, it can cause problems. Moving around with your skateboards tucked under your arms will only hurt your credibility.


Skateboards are utterly useless when you have to go uphill or downhill. The lack of a braking mechanism makes them useless in case of downhill travel and as there is no engine, uphill travel is also out of the question. They are also virtually useless in case of wet or slippery roads.


Most say that skating is cooler than scooting. However, if you take cost, safety, efficacy, maintenance and maneuverability into account, scooters comes out well ahead of skateboards.

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